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Monday, April 29, 2013

Where Have I really been...?

As I grew larger with babe last year, I became less interested in writing and was just trying to keep up with the more important daily actions. With each pregnancy this happens. With E it was all wool work ( couldn't even look at wool) ceased and with my third I also gave up wool but this time all creativity including blogging stopped. Too many other daily rituals to work on.   I guess I still kept busy but it never felt like I was getting enough done. Looking back on Autumn... I was however still doing tons and creating and growing a big boy.
October was full of halloween

Peter pan, Wendy bird, and a mermaid

Daddy began building a barn at this site

We took many walks at Duryea farm and witnessed the birth of a calf

Home schooling 

Milky way and lots of stars


getting ready to welcome our newest love

The Christmas fair at the Fellowship Community with good friends

Geode cracking

Black smithing

This years coat hook

St. Nicholas

Barn building with Dad

Trips to the Museum of Natural History

With Dad


Farm rust

waiting around warm and cozy


Visits from the midwife

And finally one night in Dec he came after a very quick and beautiful water birth at home in the middle of the night. The midwife arrived and he was born. He didn't even wake the girls with his arrival.

He arrived at 2:04am and we went back to bed until morning.  In our home on weekends the girls pile into our bed when they wake and on this morning we weren't there. We were down in the guest room. Around 7 am I heard the pitter patter of little feet upstairs. Then down the stairs the oldest came and into our guest room.  Then she went to get the other two. As the sun was rising they met their new baby brother for the first time. Daddy woke to three little girls quietly gazing on our little prince.

Daddy and babe

ahhhh baby...

Then Christmas came

Lots of lovin'

A proud midwife, Martha Roth

More missed moments to come soon...

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