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Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to school vacation

We headed mid-west to see family and go on the ultimate field trip for our first two weeks of school

Graceland Memphis, TN

The Perot Museum Dallas, TX

The Fort Worth Stockyards and Cowboy Museum

Gallery of Jane Siebenthal
This is a painting of where my grandmother grew up.

Jane Siebenthal is my great aunt and my first art teacher

Ant wood turning a pen with great uncle

Lunch with great grandma and great aunt



Proud Uncle

Happy kids

Lots of love for the boy

Lots of love for the girls


Second grandparents

Poppy and the boy

Camping in WV

Dinner at El Fenix

Gees TX is hot


Old pictures

Bedtime rituals

                                                             Graceland, Memphis, TN


Great grandma 

The Dallas Aquarium

My Dads pride and joy



Mansfield, MO

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